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Agoura Hills Pool Service
Swimming pool maintenance is king in our sunny clime. But this requires character skills of self-motivation and pride in workmanship. Timely service visits and regular documentation help set apart one company from the next. Check out our policies and procedures - we care about the details.

Bel Air Pool Cleaning
Cleaning a pool sometimes requires vigorous brushing, especially when green or yellow algae is present on the surface of the plaster. Brushing the pool regularly and other pool cleaning chores can be handled by a homeowner with a little training, but if time doesn't allow, hiring a competent pool service company who is commmitted to excellence may be the answer.

Bel Air Pool Maintenance
Whether in the hills or flatlands, our service trucks are in your neighborhood cleaning and maintaining swimming pools for our discriminating clients. As the weather is constant, so is our service schedule, visiting the pool either one or two times weekly as needed. Each clients pool is unique and so requires an evaluation to determine water quality and the condition of the pool or spa circulation system.

Bel Air Pool Service
Sometimes pool water hardness gets too high and requires adjustment to create an swimming environment that is not scaling, depositing calcium onto the surface of the pool shell and tile, or too corrosive, pulling calcium from the pool shell to compensate for the low level in the water. The solution is either to drain the pool, or manually add calcium.

Beverly Hills Pool Cleaning
It takes the right tools to clean a pool, as is true for any job. For the swimming pool industry, we utilize the basic brush, pole, net and vacuum - these are employed to remove debris from the surface of the water and the floor with a little exertion and a bit of technique. Vacuuming the pool should be done on an as-needed basis, usually weekly depending on surrounding foliage in your yard.

Beverly Hills Pool Maintenance
Experienced pool maintenance technicians are those who enjoy being in the outdoors and seeing the results of their work appear before their eyes. There is a satisfaction in keeping a pool in balance and our service techs appreciate this and so strive to perform their pool maintenance chores with pride. Hiring a long-standing pool service company in your neighborhood is a good option for those who do not clean their own pool or spa.

Beverly Hills Pool Service
A clean swimming pool is dependent on regularly trimming back the trees and shrubs in your backyard retreat. Foliage, as beautiful as it is, can slow down the circulation of the water that is so important to water clarity and health. The skimmer will catch some leaves, and if you have an autocleaner roaming the bottom of the pool, it will pick up debris that drop to the floor. Recommended to trim yearly.

Brentwood Pool Cleaning We discuss the three C's when it comes to a swimming pool maintenance regime. The first is cleaning, that is removing dirt and debris for the pool. Next is chemistry, making sure the water is in chemical balance that is safe for swimmers and friendly toward the pool structure and related plumbing. Third is circulation, keeping the filter clean and baskets unobstructed.

Brentwood Pool Maintenance
Swimming pool water balance requires a focus on pH. If the water is too acidic, then it becomes corrosive to the pool shell and equipment resulting in the etching of swimming pool plaster and copper plumbing. It is costly to replaster a pool because of the deterioration of the pool shell or the discoloration that results from copper ions being released and deposited, leaving bluish stains.

Brentwood Pool Service
Each week the surface of the pool will collect debris that will eventually get saturated and sink to the bottom. The circulation system comes on daily allowing the water to move around and distribute the heat and cold evenly. However, the debris isn't always collected in the main drain or skimmer without some regular attendance to the pool.

Burbank Pool Cleaning
On top of that, you've also got to worry about any possible equipment break downs, such as your pool pump, as well as buildup of algae and clarity and quality of the water. Since 1984 we've learned a few things about the pool business - and one of the most important is that bigger is not better.

Burbank Pool Maintenance
When all of a sudden your restful retreat has turned into a headache, you only need to give us a call, and we'll come right out to perform an estimate for you, whether you want to schedule routine pool maintenance or if you have more pressing issues.Our hours of operation are Monday through Saturday.

Burbank Pool Service
All you have to do is call us - we'll be happy to come to your home to perform a site evaluation based on the service your pool would require. For example, in addition to weekly pool service, we can also help you consider alternatives to standard liquid chlorine and we can help with any water clarity issues such as high calcium or an algae bloom. After all, the climate in Burbank, CA is perfect for swimming pools - the long warm season means the days are sunny and warm enough to swim from early Spring clear through the late Fall.

Calabasas Pool Cleaning
That's why Spectrum Pool Care not only provides top notch routine cleaning for swimming pools, but we also are able to perform repairs on the equipment vital to the running of your pool or spa. We offer a weekly pool cleaning service that is reasonably priced. That's why Spectrum Pool Care has spent the last twenty years providing affordable weekly services that are reliable and professional.

Calabasas Pool Maintenance
We believe that whether you live in Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, or Calabasas, hiring a company to clean and maintain your pool should be more of a right than a luxury. Southern California is known for its sunny days and incredibly long warm season that makes it possible to swim from early spring thru late fall. However, the night air can get quite chilly, letting heat escape from the water at the same time that it's cooling it.

Calabasas Pool Service
After all, we all know how much fun and how relaxing having pools in our backyards can be, but we don't often figure in all the maintenance that they require. The owners are often on site, providing estimates and performing repairs, and the weekly service technicians are a small, reliable, trusted group that you will be able to count on when you see them each week. Spectrum Pool Care is a San Fernando Valley company specializing in providing reliable, professional and affordable weekly pool service that lets you relax and enjoy.

Canoga Park Pool Cleaning
We also will give you the information you need. We've got more than twenty years of experience providing service to Los Angeles area homeowners all across the San Fernando Valley. We believe that whether you live in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Canoga Park or Northridge, it doesn't have to be costly to hire the necessary pool maintenance service.

Canoga Park Pool Maintenance
However, even though the weather is often warm and mild, it can get chilly at night, which means that your water is not always going to be warm enough to swim in. It's no surprise, then, that LA area swim parties are legendary - if you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your own backyard, chances are you've had your own party. What do you do when that happens? It's imperative that you have a company you can trust who will come out to give you an estimate that you can count on to be accurate and uninflated - and most importantly, affordable.

Canoga Park Pool Service
With a list like that, it can almost overwhelm a poolowner, who may find himself spending more time maintaining the pool than actually enjoying it. We offer obtainable and reliable swimming pool cleaning and care to all the residents of the San Fernando Valley. Whether you live in Van Nuys, Burbank or Canoga Park, obtaining cleaning service for your pool should be easy to obtain and easier to trust.

Chatsworth Pool Cleaning
There is a whole laundry list of items that have to be taken care of - removing debris, leaves and dirt from the water, leaf-netting surface, checking the alkalinity levels and the chlorination, and changing the filters or backwashing the filtration system, and that's only a partial list. Wouldn't it be great if you could just have someone come in once a week and do it for you? You can, with Spectrum Pool Care.

Chatsworth Pool Maintenance - Chatsworth CA Swimming Pool & Spa Care.
They turn our backyards into centers of rest and relaxation, but they do require a lot of work to keep them in tip top shape. The sunny days enjoyed by Southern California residents make the area ideal for installing a pool, but the time it takes to maintain it can be overwhelming. That's why we've kept our company strong and stable.

Chatsworth Pool Service
We offer maintenance and cleaning for pools in Chatsworth, Studio City, North Hollywood and Granada Hills. If you're one of those poolowners, chances are you're familiar with all of the responsibilities that go along with owning a pool. We will likely be able to fix any problem, and upgrade your pool equipment with a higher efficient system, saving you money in the long run.

Encino Pool Cleaning
Give us a call and we'll come right out and give you a free estimate, evaluating the quality of your pool water, structure and associated pool equipment. Enter Spectrum Pool Care. We are fully licensed and insured, and an active member in the United Pool Association.

Encino Pool Maintenance
In fact, we've been providing top notch swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service along with repairs for more than twenty years in the San Fernando Valley. Spectrum Pool Care is one such company, specializing in bringing to Porter Ranch, Tarzana and Encino weekly cleaning and maintenance that is professional, reliable and affordable.

Encino Pool Service
This lets you leave the hassle and headache of cleaning and maintenance to us, which leaves you free to actually enjoy your water. Spectrum represents a little bit of luxury, rest and relaxation that's obtainable by you the homeowner. Keeping your water properly chlorinated requires an understanding of chlorination, and maintaining the water chemistry balanced and filtered at all times.

Granada Hills Pool Cleaning
Owning a home in Southern California often goes hand in hand with owning an in ground swimming pool. Whether you live in Sherman Oaks, Encino, Van Nuys or Granada Hills, hiring someone to service and clean your pool can be a great investment to make. Cleaning and maintenance are the sides of owning swimming pools that many of us forget about when we are deciding to purchase and install one.

Granada Hills Pool Maintenance
Just give us a call and we'll come out to your home and give you an estimate, whether you simply need routine scheduled cleaning and maintenance like surface skimming, removal of debris or the washing of the tiles, or if you have larger issues, Spectum Pool Care is here for you.

Granada Hills Pool Service
One of the reasons Los Angeles is such a great place to live is the long, sunny summer. Southern California affords residents a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the nicest weather in the nation. When you add it all up, you may find it difficult to find time to actually take advantage of your backyard retreat and get enjoyment.

La Canada Pool Service
Weather can make swimming pool maintenance a real challenge if the proper tools are not on board. This is not a problem with Spectrum as our service techs are equipped with the latest in leaf catchers, elliptiloc poles, digital meters and other testing gear. The new powervac system is our most recent inclusion for larger debris cleanups.

La Canada Pool Cleaning
For a professional service person, many miles are put on their maintenance vehicle due to the driving that is necessary each day to complete the cleaning route. What we have done to minimize the drive time between each home is to reroute our whole client base periodically to a more efficient map. This has served everyone well.

La Canada Pool Maintenance
The wind can be a challenge when trying to keep the water and filter relatively clean. One way to help is by visiting the skimmer and pump baskets, as well as any auto-cleaner leaf cannister. Empty them after any big storm as they may be filled with leaves and obstructing flow. This will relieve the system until our service tech arrives.

La Crescenta Pool Service
Our service coverage includes large portions of the Los Angeles area such as the Conejo Valley, Santa Clarita, San Fernando and La Canada surrounding. We can accomplish this because of our efficient routing system that enables our pool cleaners to remain within a local area for that service day. This flexibilty is valuable to us.

La Crescenta Pool Cleaning
When thinking about hiring a maintenance company there is much to consider. Primarily we think in terms of character and skill. We want to be available to our clients need and we can do this best by insuring that we run a strong team through yearly training and certification where needed. We are proud of our staff.

La Crescenta Pool Maintenance
Electrical service for swimming pool equipment stations are either 120v or 220v. Timers, pumps, motors, heaters and all related appliances typically have dual voltage switches. When any repair is accomplished this is just one of the things noted while diagnosing and tracing the source of an electrical failure. When all is well, the system will be able to circulate the water and contribute to clarity and health.

Los Feliz Pool Service
Hiring a professional is easy now with credentials easily verified through the Better Business Bureau, industry associations such as Certified Pool Operators, Los Angeles County Health Dept icensure, and city business licensing. We pride ourselves in many years of successful care to our neighborhood with a qualified staff.

Malibu Pool Maintenance
Though it may be difficult to find quality professionals in this industry, we want to always defy such a poor reputation and bring customer satisfaction where it counts - in communication, responsiveness, appropriate demeanor and disciplined training. Skills come with time, and our now long-term stability brings excellence with ease. Whether launching into a new season of swimming or fixing a problem, Spectrum is here for you.

Malibu Pool Service
Through thick and thin, water quality is upheld as the highest priorty when servicing a pool or spa. Emergency recovery is sometimes necessary where algae has bloomed out of proportion. This requires elevating chlorine residuals to eradicate the infestation. Balancing pH, alkalinity and sanitizer levels become paramount to extended clarity throughout the week. Spectrum excels in both cleaning and repairs.

Los Angeles Pool Maintenance
That can make the decision tough, but not any more - Spectrum Pool Care is a San Fernando Valley swimming pool company with more than twenty years of providing top notch cleaning services that are reliable, professional, and most importantly, affordable. In fact, in addition to providing routine cleaning and maintenance, we can also help you with your pool's other issues, and we'd be happy to discuss those options with you.

Los Angeles Pool Service
When you own a swimming pool, you get to enjoy the peace and relaxation that a backyard oasis will bring. These beautiful installations provide a much needed retreat, but they require constant vigilance, or at least weekly cleaning. Just give us a call and we'll come to your home to perform an estimate for you, whether you just want to schedule weekly and routine cleaning and maintenance, or if you have any more pressing concerns like equipment repair for your heater, motor, chlorinator or filtration system.

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