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Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

My pool pump is noisy

Make sure you identify that it is indeed the pump that is making the noise. If it is a grinding sound, then there may be something like a pebble or other debris lodged in the impellor, and usually requires dismantling the pump to dislodge. Most commonly, the condition is failed bearings in the motor. This can happen simply because they are of poorer quality these days, being manufactured overseas; but more than likely there has been some water damage to the pump resulting in moisture getting to the bearings and causing corrosion. Whatever the cause, your pool pump should be relatively quiet and not be the source of noise pollution in your backyard. Hire a qualified Spectrum pool contractor to diagnose the problem and provide the best solution.

My pool pump will not turn on

All pool circulation systems have a timer to turn the pump off and on at preset times, with the exception of spa jet pumps that are manually operated. Besides manual switches, some newer homes are equipped with programmable automation systems, a set of circuit breakers either at the equipment pad and/or at the house service panel, and for additional safety, there may be a GFCI installed in the circuit to prevent electrocution. With all these factors, we always recommend that you hire a professional to find and fix the problem.

My pool water does not circulate

This could be the result of a shrunken fitting going into the inlet of the pump causing it to pull in air and lose the ability to prime. This happens usually when the water in the pool gets too low and then the pump runs without water causing it to steam the small amount of water it does have and reaching high temperatures. The plastic or pvc fittings that are threaded in and out of the pump will shrink, as will also the pump seal causing another source of air. If it does actually catch prime, then water may leak out of the top fitting and through the seal plate onto the ground. Of course, the filter may be extremely dirty or there may be an obstruction in the suction line. This is another cause for calling your pool professional - we'll fix it right by diagnosing it properly.

Spectrum can bring you pool back to health today!

Agoura Pool Pump Repair - Agoura CA
Expert swimming pool and spa equipment repairs in the Conejo Valley by Spectrum since 1985. Providing neighborhood homeowners with trained service techs who are courteous and capable to evaluate, repair and install promptly.

Northridge Pool Pump Repair - Northridge, CA
Professional CPO certified repair technicians since 1985. Our competent team at Spectrum has been serving the San Fernando Valley and beyond by providing repairs, upgrades, and consultation for the past 24 years earning us a reliable reputation.

Woodland Hills Pool Pump Repair - Woodland Hills CA
For fast and courteous service, there is no better staff than the techs at Spectrum. Our committment is to diagnose and offer solutions that fit best for the pool or spa application - always keeping efficiency and savings in mind. Give us a call when your pool equipment needs special attention.

Tarzana Pool Pump Repair - Tarzana CA
When hiring a swimming pool service company to accompish needed repairs and upgrades, look for extensive experience and expertise, and great customer service. That's what our clients find with Spectrum Pool Care. We are here each day rescuing pools!

Sherman Oaks Pool Pump Repair - Sherman Oaks CA
Here in the Los Angeles area, Spectrum Pool Care is known for being polite and attentive to our customers needs. We like to explain what we do and why, maintaining excellent communication, while offering repair options to help fit your budget.

Studio City Pool Pump Repair - Studio City CA
We in the Valley enjoy our pools especially when the weather gets hot! But sometimes they fail and the water stops circulating - what to do? Call Spectrum and we will set up an appointment to visit your property and diagnose it quickly. We're here for you! CPO Certified Repair Techs.

Burbank Pool Pump Repair - Burbank CA
Ask about the newer design choices that encourage energy savings on your daily kilowatt expense, and promotes an environmentally cleaner Southern California. Lower power consumption today with your backyard investment.

Calabasas Pool Pump Repair - Calabasas CA
When pool or spa pumps go awry, grinding bearings, arcing electrical, breached capacitor, or burnt windings may be the problem. If not clearly evident, hire a professional who has years of experience to evaluate and propose a solution. Spectrum can be that company - repair and replace, or recommend as needed.

Bel Air Pool Pump Repair - Bel Air CA
Here in the beach cities of the Los Angeles area, the weather is mild and the air is wonderful. Though living oceanside, many of our community have swimming pools, fountains, water features or spas that need regular service, and must at least circulate properly for water clarity.

Petaluma Pool Pump Repair - Petaluma CA
The wonderful countryside of Petaluma affords beautiful vineyards and rolling hills for horse lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. But when wanting a dip into a spa or pool, who can you rely upon to make sure your equipment is functioning ideally? We are available, able, and ready to work for you.

Beverly Hills Pool Pump Repair - Beverly Hills CA
Your local power company offers rebates regularly when funds are made available into the government coffers. We try to make our customers aware of these when they are listed. Visit your electrical service webpage for their current rebate offers - you may find great incentives for newer energy-efficient pumps - or simply give us a call.

Brentwood Pool Pump Repair - Brentwood CA
Near the 405 freeway and Sunset Blvd, our service trucks are often driving by as we visit our clients to either clean their pools on a weekly basis, or accomplish a periodic repair. The circulation system on every body of water requires daily operation for full functioning and pristine blue clarity. You can rely on Spectrum to be there.

Van Nuys Pool Pump Repair - Van Nuys CA
Absolute efficiency is not the goal, but rather an ability to circulate the body of water through the filter and back to the pool or spa at least one time per cycle. Savings are all about hydraulics and cost.

Granada Hills Pool Pump Repair - Granada Hills CA
Size is not necessarily equal to the rated horsepower, as there is an additional multiple necessary to just what the true rating is. That is the Service Factor that must be multiplied by the rated HP.

Hollywood Pool Pump Repair - Hollywood CA
A flooded volute versus an empty one - that is the dilemma that must be considered when calculating the total dynamic head of a circulation system. If the pool equipment is located up on a hill, or down below, the size must be adequate to the TDH requirements.

West Hills Pool Pump Repair - West Hills CA
Replacement may be required if the cost to rebuild becomes prohibitive. Nowadays, the lifespan of a piece of equipment is not what it used to be. Replacing bearings or a warped bracket may be not as cost-effective as upgrading to a more energy-saving system.

Encino Pool Pump Repair - Encino CA
The Valley is known for long hot summers and nearly every household therefore has a swimming pool in their backyard. Regular weekly service is required as well as a repair to the circulation system when it fails. Spectrum maintenance technicians are there when you need them with more than two decades of customer satisfaction.

Oak Park Pool Pump Repair - Oak Park CA
If you reside in the Conejo Valley, you have beautiful rolling hills surrounding you, but you cannot escape the summer heat all the time. So more than likely your backyard retreat is landscaped with a swimming pool or spa. Spectrum Pool Care is a company who specializes in weekly care and repair to all your pool needs. Just give us a call.

Newbury Park Pool Pump Repair - Newbury Park CA
If you are fortunate enough to live further North-West up the coast, just enough to get some of that ocean breeze, the summer season isn't so daunting. But many of our community members still have water features that need regular care, and periodic repair to the pump, filter, heater, or plumbing. At Spectrum, we're here for you.

Sonoma Pool Pump Repair - Sonoma CA
The beauty of Central California brings a natural ambience for the pleasures of swimming in a well construction swimming pool. But left to it's own devices, that pool will be stagnant without a superb circulation pump system. That is where we come in, Spectrum ready to meet your needs.

Santa Monica Pool Pump Repair - Santa Monica CA
The most beautiful place to live in Southern California is nearest the ocean. With all of that water one would think there would be no need for a backyard pool or spa - but not true. Many of our local residents do have swim parties and relax in a therapeutic hot tub. These bodies of water require maintenance and servicing, especially when the pump fails; and Spectrum is ready to handle your need today.

Hidden Hills Pool Pump Repair - Hidden Hills CA
If you reside in the Conejo Valley or Los Angeles County, you can rely on the competent repair team at Spectrum to be at your door soon and resolve your current repair issue. This is what we do daily in all our communities, and we do it promptly and with professional attention to detail. We care about fixing things right the first time.

La Canada Pool Pump Repair - La Canada CA
Repairs are accomplished each day by Spectrum Professionals as we rescue pools and spas from turning green. This is because our repair technicians come equipped with years of real world experience and many successes on the job. For competent and quality work, turn to us and we'll be on your property quickly.

La Crescenta Pool Pump Repair - La Crescenta CA
If a new system is what you need, you should consider the latest in moderning your pool to include energy-lowering and more efficient design. The flow rate was typically much faster than today as energy consumption wasn't such a concern. That is history and we can now filtrate much better by increasing the diameter of plumbing while installing cartridges to filter and control the flow resulting in eco friendly balance.

Porter Ranch Pool Pump Repair - Porter Ranch CA
Each season brings a new set of challenges and requires a set of skills to bear for a balanced pool and spa. For one, the circulation pump will need to be adjusted during the hot and cold months respectively as you do not want to waste electricity. Not much metabolizes in terms of pathogens or algae, and very few people swim in a cold environment - so turn down the timer and spend more effort removing debris.

Napa Pool Pump Repair - Napa CA
unique quality of swimming in a wonderfully maintained body of water promotes health and rejuvination while getting great exercise. But that depends upon a recurring circulation cycle to enable dirt and debris to be pulled into the skimmer and then into the filter. A balance filtration system is necessary for enjoying one's pool.

Thousand Oaks Pool Pump Repair - Thousand Oaks CA
Many community members in the Conejo Valley area rely on Spectrum repair technicians when a problem arises at your backyard oasis. Speed or service is sometimes necessary and we can usually accomodate all of our customers needs. If you water isn't circulating as it should, maybe the pump is the problem.

Westlake Village Pool Pump Repair - Westlake Village CA
In the Spring, Fall and Winter, our pools are sometimes just a nice landscape feature for our backyards. But in the Summer, we rely on our water retreat for bbq's and swim parties, or for a cool dip to refresh ourselves. But that blue water is dependent on weekly service, chemical treatment and a properly functioning circulation system.

Los Angeles Pool Pump Repair - Los Angeles CA
After many years of service, and thousands of miles logged in our travels, Spectrum remains affable, able, and available for the next opportunity to restore operations to our clients pools. After 32 years, we are as fresh as ever.

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