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Granada Hills Pool Light Repair - Granada Hills CA
The latest contributions in energy efficiency has made great strides in the swimming pool industry with quality lighting that uses newer technology to save our planet. Yes, we are referring to LED systems which provide greater lumins for less dollars. Inquire with our company for more information.

Northridge Pool Light Repair
- Northridge CA
Be one of the select customers who incorporate the newest in electrical savings now being offered by seasoned professionals. Engineers have succeeded in producing worthy products to enhance illumination of pool and spa structures, and that promote a green environment.

Agoura Pool Light Repair
- Agoura CA
More advances are being achieved within the pool and spa market today than ever. Explore the options available today by speaking with one of our staff. Whether your company of choice is Pentair, Jandy or Hayward, all three of these brands have put great effort to bring a good result, with their distinctive touches.

Beverly Hills Pool Light Repair
- Beverly Hills CA
It is not so unlikely today to find new installations being outfitted with the latest cutting edge in energy-savings appliances. Heater, pumps, automation, and now pool and spa lighting has entered into a very attractive green zone, making wonderful products that will save on your electrical bill.

Studio City Pool Light Repair
- Studio City CA
It is now available - LED lighting that has huge savings per luminous hour usage. These come in white light or color, with the potential to have remote operation and create a colorful water show for your guests. The long life that is now touted is possible because of this newer innovation. Take advantage when in need of repair.

Encino Pool Light Repair - Encino CA
What accounts for an evening glow in your pool and spa? That would be the light fixtures that sit in a niche carved into the plaster and structure. Fixtures come with 30' foot or longer chords that attach to your junction box. To control lighting requires either an external switch or a remote control. When they fail, we can fix!

Tarzana Pool Light Repair- Tarzana CA
At all pools and spas you'll find a series of appliances that are operated by control switches either at the equipment station or indoors. Sometimes the operation may fail because of inadequate electrical connections, or a faulty unit itself. Pool lights generally require bulb replacement after the rated ours have been exceeded.

Woodland Hills Pool Light Repair- Woodland Hills CA
Currently, new standards in electical efficiency have prompted code changes requiring energy savings wherever possible. This is the way of the present as the future is already here, and our industry is getting on board. There are now tremendous advantages to be had with the latest upgrades available - so inquire today.

Sherman Oaks Pool Light Repair- Sherman Oaks CA
An upgrade to your lighting arrangement will require a simple on-site evaluation. We can test to confirm electrical service is reaching the light fixture and whether or not the bulb has burnt out or if there is some water damage to the fixture itself. Either way, we will provide a solution. If replacement necessary, it is not a bad time to consider the available options for upgrading.

Calabasas Pool Light Repair - Calabasas CA
The luminosity of your water is dependent upon the wattage of the bulb, the placement of the niche in the pool wall, and the particular lens which can be designed to disperse light in more or less effective ways - depending upon the manufacturer. This can be clarified upon a visit to the property by a pool professional.

Santa Monica Pool Light Repair - Santa Monica CA
Spectrum is an eco-aware company and can offer alternatives when it comes to pool and spa equipment replacement or upgrades. If light replacement is necessary, then we will discuss what may benefit your particular application best. Be sure to ask about color lighting as well as the newest LED advances.

Westlake Village Pool Light Repair - Westlake Village CA
Wonderful clear brilliant water is a treat when you have guests over for the evening. It can make a backyard really exciting along with friends and a relaxing barbeque. But if that lighing fails, you'll need to have an expert evaluation to determine what the cause and solutions may be. Spectrum can do that for you.

Van Nuys Pool Light Repair - Van Nuys CA
For a reliable company to service your pool or spa light, Spectrum has a staff of dependable and talented people, dedicated each time to bring the bestin solutions to your current challenges. We take pride and joy in solving problems and helping out our clients - especially if it simply means to relax after a hard days work!

West Hills Pool Light Repair - West Hills CA
Beware when you see any moisture in your pool or spa lighting fixture. This indicates that there has been a breach in the gasket somewhere causing water to leach in and near the bulb. This will generally cause the ground fault circuit interrupter (gfi) to throw. But some pools don't have this backup system. Call a pro right away to investigate.

Thousand Oaks Pool Light Repair - Tarzana CA
When making your choice for a qualified repair company, be sure and check their credentials. Having proper licensing, bonding and insurance goes a long way to promote a successful and professional result. Certification from local state agencies and educational institutions alons with years of experience is helpful too.

Burbank Pool Light Repair - Burbank CA
Ever have a party and turn on your pool light to find that it does not operate? Typical bulbs will burn for around 1000 hours. If you use it often, that time can go by quickly. Therefore, for high users we recommend considering an LED upgrade, as they last typically 10x longer.

Hollywood Pool Light Repair - Hollywood CA
The Jacuzzi brand makes a multi-color replacement bulb that is LED and rich with color as well as simple white light. It is ETL listed with a 5 year warranty and the longest lifetime available - 100,000 hours. They will fit standard pool light housings from Hayward to American Products to Pentair.

Los Angeles Pool Light Repair - Los Angeles CA
Replace bulbs in pool and spa fixtures such as Pentair Amerlite, SpaBrite, and Hayward Astrolite and Astrolite II. Go Green with a Pure White and Color Splash light. Take advantage of mercury-free and toxin-free products. With extremely long life, it eliminates unnecessary land-fill waste.

La Canada Pool Light Repair - La Canada CA
LED lights have a few things going for them. They consume minimal energy and burn longer than incandescent light bulbs. Most of the energy used in these traditional bulbs are wasted as heat. Lower voltage and amperage are optional and sometimes used on the newer units, so check before replacing.

La Crescenta Pool Light Repair - La Crescenta CA
Visit the pool equipment room and try to reset the GFI breaker by depressing the reset button. A small amount of moisture in the light fixture can cause the breaker to throw even if the bulb has not failed. If this doesn't restore power to the fixture, open up the junction box and inspect.

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