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Are you experiencing any of these common problems?

My Hot tub water level drops

If you have a free-standing portable hot tub, you can perform a bucket test to determine if water loss is due to something other than evaporation. Inspect around the hot tub and remove the skirt panels if present to see if any water has collected. If you see moisture or a visible leak, then call a professional to repair. A spa cover will help with evaporation, and is necessary keep out debris, retain a good chemical balance, and hold in the heat from the ambient air differential. If the tub is located under a patio deck or indoors, a cover is not necessary. If your spa is in-ground then you may have a leak in the plumbing under the concrete or soil. After eliminating all noticeable possibilities, consider hiring a leak detection service to perform a pressure and sonic test to locate the leak. Here at Spectrum, we can perform this diagnostic procedure and all generalized repairs. Call for an appointment to consult with one of our professionals.

My hot tub will not heat

This is one of the most persistent issues - besides water chemistry concerns - when it comes to our volume of service calls. There are basically two kinds of heaters that warm up therapeutic waters- natural gas and electric. Most portable spas and hot tubs rely on a small compact heating element that is tucked away under the skirt of the tub. The control membrane keypad is easily accessible to operate the jets, pump, air, and heat. When calling for heat, set to the desired temperature and turn the circulation system on. If your normal wait time is now extended or indefinite, then something has occured that may require a repair call. There are temperature sensors in the plumbing system and heater to detect water temperature. When these sensors fail, the system doesn't know how to adjust the level. You may see a reading of a very high temperature if you have a remote system, but the water is actually tepid. Electronic heating elements also have a service life and at some point will fail. For gas heaters, they may exhibit typical failures of any pool outdoor equipment pad - moisture, dirt, rodents, spiders or a component failure can stop the heater from operating. If you hot tub just won't get to your desired temperature as normal, then it may be time to hire a pro perform an on-site diagnosis. Spectrum is ready and able to help today.

My hot tub water is cloudy or foams

Proper water maintenance is challenging for a typical swimming pool, but for a spa is even more so. This is because it is a much smaller body of water and so changes happen very fast. As well, it is heated and occupied with a much larger body to water ratio than pools. Nevertheless, the basics of water care remain for both. If all variables are within standard industry ranges, then the water should be clear and healthy. You can search online for many offerings regarding spa chemistry manuals and will find a wealth of information. Basically, you must decide what combination of sanitizing agents you would like to use as your primary source. Some systems are now utilizing salt bromine generators, and so bromine (a halogen and effective sanitizer) is the primary disinfectant. This can also be acheived with sodium bromine in granular or tablet form. Chlorine granular is also sometimes used to rid the water of organic contaminants. And there are alternatives like Ozone and Minerals, but these typically require an addition of sanitizer as a base reserve to supplement and keep sanitized. Monitoring the pH and Alkaliinity are very important as to water clarity too. If foam develops, this could be a sign of hair and body products that have built up in the water, or a high level of Total Dissoved Solids. It may be time to drain. In the interim, you can try foam-control product to limit the production. Cloudiness is surely a result of water imbalance and possibly a dirty filter in conjunction. Get all chemical parameters in balance, clean the filter, and if still cloudy, then drain and refill.

Spectrum can bring your spa back to warm today - Call for fast response!

Agoura Hills Hot Tub Repair - Agoura Hills, CA
When your spa gets dirty or algae infested, it may be time to drain and clean. At Spectrum, we perform this and other repairs each day. Let us know your particular need and we'll be at your property to estimate and initiate the repair. With pump, brush, and materials in hand, your spa will be back to clean in no time.

Woodland Hills Hot Tub Repair - Woodland Hills, CA
Selecting a sanitizer for hot water therapy sometimes depends upon what system your spa employs. Ozone is becoming popular as an alternative to halogens such as chlorine and bromine. Each have their unique attraction, and each have parameters that must be followed.

Tarzana Hot Tub Repair - Tarzana, CA
A portable system is equipped with a manifold plumbing array that delivers a jet action to the water with the inclusion of air inducted together. This wonderful effect creates a healing flow of hydrotherapy to the bather. Failures can be easily resolved by addressing the pvc water-air induction system.

Sherman Oaks Hot Tub Repair - Sherman Oaks, CA
Draining a spa or hot tub may require a portable pump to accomplish the task. Some systems do have a drain bib that can be opened - as it is located in the access panel of certain models. If you cannot locate the bib, it may not have one installed in the circulation system - check your manual.

Calabasas Hot Tub Repair - Calabasas, CA
A spa-side repair may be electrical in nature and more specifically a ground fault circuit interrupter switch. This safety device is standard on portable spas with 220v supply and may interrupt hot tub operation if it detects the flow of electrical current where it doesn't belong.

Bel Air Hot Tub Repair - Bel Air, CA
How often one empties her hot tub is dependent upon how often it is used. That is a prudent way to approach cleanliness and health. Sweat, lotions, hair products and the like accumulate to produce chloramines which give off a bad odor and severly lower its ability to sanitize. Ask a professional about a drain schedule tailored for you.

Encino Hot Tub Repair - Encino, CA
Do you know what type of filtration system manages your tub? A little research in your operation guide, or an exploration in the manufactuerer's website can resolve this question. Or simply ask a professional while on site. There are two types - either pressure or suction filters. A small detail, but important for adequate diagnoses.

Newbury Park Hot Tub Repair - Newbury Park CA
You can inform yourself of facts regarding your therapy pool or spa. Online information is ubiquitous, and manuals and now downloadable by manufacturer. Savings in energy usage is also a new consideration, so contact a professional to discuss how to green up your hot tub - LED lighting, efficient heating, and more.

Santa Monica Hot Tub Repair - Santa Monica, CA
When considering how to keep leaves and debris out of a hot tub, it is advised to install a proprietary cover - or make sure the spa is located indoors or under a canopy. Sunlight alone will dissipate water chemistry, and keeping dirt out will make the water that much more attractive and safe.

Malibu Hot Tub Repair - Malibu, CA
The rewards of owning a hot tub are many - relaxation, health, and peace to name a few. But these systems are carefully balanced to operate when you need them - and sometimes they fail to perform. Pick up the telephone and call a service professional to help. Technical expertise is sometimes what is needed, and Spectrum has it.

Pacific Palisades Hot Tub Repair - Pacific Palisades, CA
More that 70% of those interviewed in a major pool and spa publication state that personal spa maintenance is not too challenging. But there are always the rest of us who are simply too busy to embark on the regimen to service our spa. We hire a pro to handle this task and reserve our energy for our own mastery.

Thousand Oaks Hot Tub Repair - Thousand Oaks, CA
History proves to provide many examples of the generation of our hot tub industry. Nations from time immemorial have divined hot water springs from earth, river, streams and pools - for the purpose of soaking and therapy. Harmony and great peace is found in cultures like Japan and China.

Westlake Village Hot Tub Repair - Westlake Village, CA
Understanding the nomenclature of pool and spa equipment is helpful when describing the failure of your system. The keypad control system for onboard operation, or external equipment pad controls initiate the water into the desired preset temperature. The timer will enable operation each day.

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