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Woodland Hills Salt Pool Chlorinator from http://www.spectrumpoolcare.com. With decades of field experience in the San Fernando Valley, Spectrum is here for our community for saline conversions.

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Hire a Spectrum professional as your advisor for your equipment upgrades. Our repair technicians are experienced and courteous with clients. We have the knowledge to address your particular needs - we can be at your property today!
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Woodland Hills Salt Pool Chlorinator Tips

Some basic facts about saline systems: liquid chlorine delivered in bottles is replaced with a salt cell, power center, and a a few hundred pounds of salt (approx 2700-3400ppm). The cell is plumbed into the system and the control module / transformer is affixed to the wall. During the filtration cycle, salinated water passes over the cell's titanium blades and is converted into the active chlorine gas that kills algae and oxidizes contaminants. This process is called electrolysis. The small electrical charge breaks up salt into the oxidizing molecule Hypochlorous Acid. What is gained in this process is the elimination of unwanted binders that are chemically associated with traditional chlorine. Therefore, the water is experienced as 'soft' and without that 'sticky' feeling. For those who reside in Tarzana and Woodland Hills, salt pool chlorinator installation is available today. We at Spectrum can advise you on the best choices available for your specific application. We specialize in Hayward, but can easily provide competitive brands. Our repair skills are handy as well for those who need diagnoses. Whatever your needs, you can always call and speak to one of our professional consultants. We're friendly and knowledgeable - ready to provide you with expert services.


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