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Woodland Hills Pool Cleaning Solutions from Spectrum Pool Care. We are a San Fernando Valley service company that's been providing top notch swimming pool care for more than two decades.

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For professional service technicians who are prompt and reliable, trust us to manage your pool. Full repairs are available too. Whatever is ailing your water, phone us today - we'll be your solution!  
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Woodland Hills Pool Cleaning Tips

Here in the Valley we enjoy hot summer seasons by going to the beach or cooling off in our swimming pools. There are various skills needed to operate one's own pool, but from time to time a professional needs to step in. We act as consultant or complete support where we handle both service and repair. In Woodland Hills, pool cleaning duties are the same as anywhere else. Besides brushing, netting, vacuuming, and periodic filter washing, balancing the water is key. Testing each week is important to insure a safe and healthy swimming environment. Therefore you must have on hand soda ash or muriatic acid to correct the pH or alkalinity, and conditioner & chlorine to keep it sanitized. As water evaporates, heavy minerals (primarily calcium & magnesium) are left behind building up to higher concentrations over time. When up to 650 ppm, the water is considered 'hard' and negative results appear. Chlorine becomes less effective as its killing power is reduced. Also, the minerals become saturated and fall out of solution staining the plaster or tile. The answer is to drain and start with a fresh refill. keeping a neutral pH (7.4-7.6) and monitoring the conditioner levels (approx 50+ ppm) will round out your testing routine. It will pay off with a refreshing swimming pool to enjoy. With good discipline, your backyard oasis should look great. On the other hand, if you don't have the time to handle this yourself, you can hire our team of professionals to do the managing for you. We enjoy our work and would be happy to take on the responsibility.

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