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Van Nuys Pool Cleaning Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. Providing high quality and reliable cleaning and maintenance services for swimming pools in the San Fernando Valley area.

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Be satisfied with your maintenance company - Spectrum can take some of that weight off of your shoulders. We are a San Fernando Valley company that has spent more than twenty five years providing good quality service for poolowners. Call us today!

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Van Nuys Pool Cleaning Tips

Sometimes we forget that our backyard oasis is simply a recreational container filled with the billions of molecules - H2O - water. The properites of this liquid require attentive regular care to acheive a comfortable, safe, and inviting environment. With a lack of attendance, the water can turn into a green swamp very quickly - nice for frogs and bugs. Chemically balanced water must conform to industry accepted standards for the most appealing results. As professionals, we abide by these guidelines, maintaining a log for each property to insure consistency. You should relax while we work. We'll skim the surface, brush the walls, vacuum the floor, and monitor the chemistry. We offer reliable maintennace for residents in Studio City, North Hollywood and Van Nuys. Pool cleaning is backed by a helpful office staff and ready repair team. Consider pH: water must be kept in a neutral state for a comfortable swim, active sanitizing and protection of the equipment and shell. A 7.4-7.6 pH is easy on the skin, hair and eyes. Outside this range can result in structural erosion to metallic components and plaster. When not in balance, algae growth can get out of hand too. Regular filter washing along with adequate chlorination will make for a healthy system. You deserve a crystal blue refreshing oasis to jump into. So get some excercise, play or just cool off and relax! Spectrum is here to help you do that as we're servicing your neighborhood each day. We look forward to being your new company for all your needs.

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