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Valley Village Pool Heater Repair

Valley Village Pool Heater Repair Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. Swimming pool repair includes cleaning, maintenance or new installation that is reliably and professionally done and best of all, affordable.

Valley Village Pool Heater Repair News and articles about Chatsworth Pool Maintenance.

Swimming pool heaters employ multiple safety and control switches for smooth operation. A malfunction will require a professional evaluation, and that is what we do best. Call us to repair your system today!
Pool Heater Repair Valley Village CA

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Valley Village Pool Heater Repair Tips

How water actually gets heated is a mystery to most people, and so let's attempt to explain what happens in a swimming pool or spa furnace. Not all the water circulating through the equipment actually enters the heater. Only a portion is allowed entrance, while the rest is bypassed and returned back to the pool resulting in a gradual temperature rise. The small amount that is heated flows through the inlet header and enters a chamber of finned tubes called the heat-exchanger - which is exposed to the flames rising off the burners below. The flame passes over each copper tube and then exhausts out the cabin. The amount of heat that actually transfers into the water is the measurement of the heating effeciency of the unit. We at Spectrum accomplish pool heater repairs in Valley Village each week, and dissassemble these systems while cleaning and diagnosing. Sometimes major components are damaged and may be too costly to replace; at those times we may recommend installing a new system. We always attempt a repair first however, as even older furnaces are still functional. If the cabin is rusted through, the choice is already made though because it is a fire hazard to operate. Call us with your questions, and we'd be happy to consult with you, or come out for a site evaluation.

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