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Sonoma Pool Pump Repair Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. With years of field experience in pool equipment analysis, call our ready team of pros who are here to bring efficiency and balance to every system.

Sonoma Pool Pump Repair News and articles about Napa Pool Filter Repair.

When your circulation system fails, who do you call? You've come to the right place. Simply contact our office and describe the symptom, We'll provide a repair tech on site to evaluate and provide a solution!  

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Sonoma Pool Pump Repair Tips

Maintaining proper water level in your pool is essential for good circulation. In the summer you may have noticed that you need to top off more frequently, or if neglected you will shortly hear that gurgling sound coming from your backyard skimmer. That is the sound of a pump starving for water resulting in a loss of proper filtration. With warmer weather comes a faster rate of evaporation. So be sure to check the pooll level frequently during the hot season - mid tile is a good benchmark to maintain. Just prior to the swim season, extend the timer cycle to run longer than the winter to accomplish a turnover rate of at least 1x per day. You can always call us to learn how to calcuate cubic foot volume, and timer cycles. Whether you live in Petaluma or Sonoma, pool pump repair issues arise due to many reasons, notwithstanding lack of priming. To mitigate this, we recommend that you check the water level frequently starting in Springtime. Other common issues are leaking seals. If you see persistent moisture anywhere at the equipment station, call a professional to inspect and repair as soon as possible. Our repair team is adept at diagnosing all pool related issues. We'll be successful with yours as well!

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