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Petaluma Pool Heater Repair

Petaluma Pool Heater Repair Solutions by spectrumpoolcare.com. Many years of field experience in dignostics and repairs, providing expertise in pools & spa service since 1985.

Petaluma Pool Heater Repair News and articles about Napa Pool Filter Repair.

Whether you have a 400Btu or a small spa heating system, furnaces sometimes need service to keep them running optimally. If not heating to temp, or simply not firing at all, give us a call. We are here for you!
Pool Heater Repair Petaluma CA

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Petaluma Pool Heater Repair Tips

Alot of thought has gone into the development of pool equipment with not only functionality in mind, but safety as well. That is why every heater has a safety and control loop that works in a series so to insure that before ignition all sensors have been satisfied. For example, it is necessary that when the burners fire, water is passing over the flame via the heat exchanger tubes. If no flow, then a pressure switch will detect the absence and not allow the system to come on. This prevents overheating and melting of the associated plumbing and cabin. We at Spectrum are attuned to the application of pool equipment as well as customer needs. Whether in Napa or Petaluma, pool heater repair is a standard service call throughout the year, as they are one of the most complex appliances in the pool system. When a failure occurs, the most common issue is that the water just does not heat up enough, or at all. Our experience lends itself to focused diagnoses, and the solutions we bring are explained clearly. Let us know your needs, and we will be on site to return warmth back to your backyard oasis. Call us to schedule an appointment, or for a simple consultation.

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