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Many years repair and maintenance experience to the Beach communities of Brentwood, Venice and Malibu, CA.

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The Saturation Index (SI) is a water balance model utilized by pool professionals to index 4 relevant testing parameters in one single number.  This result will warn you about what direction you're heading - a scaling or corrosive condition.  SI considers pH, Temperature, Hardness, and Alkalinity - with some attention to the effects of Conditioner on test results. These combined factors, ever in flux, are important to pool or spa chemistry.  Whether you reside in Los Feliz, Agoura, or Pacific Palisades, pool service professionals rely upon regular testing, yet sometime resort to this integrated approach.  It is not a widely used system however, due to it's relative complexity.  Most service personnel rely upon a stable pH with sufficient sanitizer to make water sparkle. Alkalnity buffers pH so maintain anywhere between 80-120ppm to be safe.  If your water is heated, consult the SI.  When Calcium Hardness reaches beyond the 500ppm range, consider draining to prevent scale deposits.  To dive deeper into water chemistry, call us anytime for help – we enjoy educating our clients!

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