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Oak Park Pool Pump Repair

Oak Park Pool Pump Repair Solution from spectrumpoolcare.com. With years of field experience in the Agoura area, you can trust the Spectrum team to be on-time and professional.

Oak Park Pool Pump Repair News and articles about Newbury Park Hot Tub Repair.

Certified Pool Operators with many years poolside experience have enabled our repair team to simplify your repair solution. Issues with your pump? Have our office set up an appointment for you and we'll appraise the problem promptly and with care. We look forward to getting your system up an running again!


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Pool Pump Repair Oak Park CA

Oak Park Pool Pump Repair Tips

Noise pollution comes in many forms, and if you live in the city sometimes the levels are constant. When it comes to swimming pool circulation equipment, technology has effectuated many changes that produce quieter pumps. The old brass style weren't so bad, but the metals couldn't be molded with the same specificity as the newer thermoplastics resulting in exceptionally lower decibels. Still, if the bearings start to corrode or wear, the grinding will quickly remind you that a repair is needed. Here in Agoura or Oak Park, pool pump repair become many times a motor replacement as it may be the most economical way to resolve an issue like this. A few decades ago, we used to sit on the end of our tailgates disassembling the motor to replace the bearings. But unfortunately bearing replacement has become cost prohibitive as a new install typically makes more sense in the long run. The cause of failure is usually a leaking seal not replaced in time with the moisture travelling along the shaft into the pump body itself. We recommend keeping an eye out for any signs of dripping at the equipment station and addressing the issue right away. This way we can forstall replacement and simply change out the seal and gasket - much less expensive! For all your repair needs and consultation, please give us a call - we're happy to "talk shop" with you.

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