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Oak Park Pool Heater Repair

Oak Park Pool Heater Repair Solutions from Spectrum Pool Care with thirty two years of experience providing expert heater installation and repair to our neighborhood clients.

Oak Park Pool Heater Repair News

When you dive into your pool or step into your spa, you should experience perfectly warm water as determined by your thermostat. If you have a malfunction, not to worry - Spectrum is here for you. Give our office a call and speak to our knowledgeable staff - we'll get your heating unit back online today!

Pool Heater Repair Oak Park CA

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Oak Park Pool Heater Repair Tips

It is imperative that our heaters stay in good operating condition for when we need them most. For preventative maintenance, we suggest that you keep the equipment pad clean of foliage and debris. Furnaces last much longer without these erosive conditions. Spiders love to nest in the small burner orifices or the pilot assembly where they can lay their eggs. Nice for them, but unfortunately it obstructs necessary gas flow, causing poor or faulty ignition. Less foliage equal fewer critters. Limit moisture collection by insuring a good barrier from rain or landscape irrigation, and insure good drainage - rust will quickly degrade components. In Agoura and Oak Park, pool heater repair is standard service for us. To address an abundance of debris, we recommend you call your gardner - or get out the rake and broom - and clean around the pump, filter & furnace. Overgrown shrubbery and ivy is attractive to rodents who will seek warmth and hibernate in the heater cabin. Unfortunately they'll wreak havoc by chewing on the wiring, depositing urine and other droppings, and draggin in a formidable collection of leaves and twigs for bedding. We can handle these issues and other diverse problems that occur with ease. We are adept at the full range of swimming pool issues, ready to answer your urgent questions - so give us a call and let us know how we can help restore heat to your water today.

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