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Napa Pool Heater Repair Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. Swimming pool repair and new installation that is reliably and professionally done; and best of all, affordable.

Napa Pool Heater Repair News and articles about Petaluma Pool Pump Repair.

Technology keeps giving us more conveniences - like automated heating controls, and low pollution exhaust. When they fail, then need prompt service from an experienced pro. Call us today to get started!
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Napa Pool Heater Repair Tips

Heating technology is just getting better and better. The first major advance was going from a standing gas pilot to a spark ignition - which eventually evolved to a hot surface ignitor. The many thousands of pilots that no longer burn save in natural gas. Then automation arrived, which allows for remote operation; let's say turning on your spa heat 40 minutes before you arrive home. Then a huge advance with powered exhaust, called LoNox. This reduces contributions to air pollution. And of late, some manufacturers are employing near full valve displacement, where the water bypasses the heater while not in operation. This increases flow through the plumbing, with lower energy costs to do so. Here at Spectrum, we thrive on learning and applying cutting edge technology. And we do so on our clients behalf. Whether you reside in Petaluma or Napa, pool heater repair service calls are a regular part of our dispatching day, as they tend to involve more complexity than filters or pumps. We are also adept at automation setups, energy saving techniques, and saline systems. Whatever the need, we are here to serve you. Call with your questions, and we'd be happy to consult with you, or set up an on-site evaluation!


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