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Malibu Pool Service Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. A Swimming pool & Spa maintenance company specializing in weekly care for water systems in since 1985.

Malibu Pool Service News and articles about Pacific Palisades Pool Maintenance.

Thanks for visiting our company website. We are here to provide prompt and professional care to restore your pool to optimal operation. Whether weekly visits or a one-time repair - we're here for you.  

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Malibu Pool Service Tips

Did you know that the professional chooses what types of chemicals he puts into a water-bearing vessel based upon the material difference of the structure itself?   There are three basic inground pool surfaces you’ll find in a typicall Southern California installation, each of which affect how one thinks about water chemistry. whether you live in Agoura Hills, Burbank, or Malibu, pool service technicians select the type of chlorine they use (e.g. tabs versus liquid) based upon the surface present - vinyl liner, fiberglass or plaster respectively. Since plaster exudes Calcium, it elevates pH requiring higher applications of acid to push it down the scale towards  the ideal 7.4-7.6 level.  However,  fiberglass and vinyl liner surfaces do not have this Calcuim factor, and no compensating buffer effect.  Since different forms of Chlorine have different pH values, knowing these differences, as well as knowing what surface is present is important to successful balanced water week-in and week-out. You can learn more about surface properties and how they effect basic care, by giving us a call or accessing the many educational resources available at your local trade store or online.

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