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Malibu Pool Repair Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. Renovations, equipment upgrades, alternative sanitizing solutions, and weekly care provided by an experienced team of industry professionals since 1985.

Malibu Pool Repair News and articles about Burbank Pool Repair.

Heaters, pumps & filters fail from time to time. When in need for an on-site pro or a phone consultation, give us a call and we'll discuss your concerns. Appointments are made daily - we're here for you!  

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Malibu Pool Repair Tips

A very important aspect of a successful replumb is attention to pipe length and fit.  When faced with an equipment installation, step back and analyze what will be the best layout for ease of access and operation.  Sketch out on a pad of paper if needed, or cut and lay out in a preliminary fashion how you want to final assembly to work.  Once you’ve conceptually planned your install, consider how you can minimize tension in the glue joints.  A good job will have very little pressure on any fitting or coupling, as these points will find release by warpage or leaking.  Whether in Agoura, Woodland Hills or Malibu, pool repair techniques are equal to the job – and plumbing simply takes patience and forethought.  Be sure to work cleanly as well with a rag to wipe up excess glue.  All fittings should be snug and level as much as possible. When finished, the result should bring satisfaction in accomplishing a clean and efficient install. For more information, consult a professional to inquire about your specific needs.

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