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Malibu Pool Maintenance Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. A dependable provider in the swimming pool & spa industry with seasoned professionals and a can-do approach.

Malibu Pool Maintenance News and articles about Pacific Palisades Pool Service.

Sparkling water is a result of weekly treatment and cleaning by a team of pros. We support our customers with attention to detail and a dose of care. Call us for assistance, and we'll provide competent help today!  

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Malibu Pool Maintenance Tips

What is Hardness and its effects in swimming pools or spas?  Weekly care requires attention to hard or soft water conditions when seeking balance. Hardness has to do with the residual of Calcium & Magnesium present in water. If too high (above 400ppm), deleterious effects present itself - a condition called scaling (white deposits). In addition to this, an elevated condition reduces chlorine efficacy. Alternately, soft water (below 200ppm) will be hungry for calcium, and will get it from the plaster (etching)! Whether you live in Thousand Oaks, Burbank, or Malibu, pool maintenance requires regular testing in order to acheive the most successful results - a balance of minerals, pH, Alkalinity and sanitizer. To fix low levels, purchase some calcium additive from your local pool shop. If levels are too high, drain a portion of the water and refill fresh from the faucet.  Retest and viola, you’re back in business.  That's about it for this lesson. We wish you fun and success cooling off this summer!

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