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La Crescenta Pool Leak Detection

La Crescenta Pool Leak Detection Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. With years of field experience in the Los Angeles area, you can depend upon our technicians to be prompt and polite.

La Crescenta Pool Leak Detection News and articles about La Crescenta Pool Cleaning.

Are you losing more than 2" of water a week? Are you having to add water every few days? If so, then you likely have a leak. Our expertise can prudently and carefully locate the problem - Call today for your repair!
Pool Leak La Crescenta CA

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La Crescenta Pool Leak Detection Tips

Finding anything lost is really an easy task for the detective in us - we simply set out on a hunt, with tools in hand and an intention to be successful. Those tools consist of a good eye for what to look for. After many finds, one knows where to begin the process of elimination until the procedure is complete. Water loss can be from the plaster - gunite shell, the tile or bondbeam at the rim, a light niche or return jets, or a skimmer throat and body. Besides these structural areas, it may be in the underground plumbing. We employ sound techniques such as dye testing, sonic listening, and applying controlled pressure to the pipes. Whether you live in Canyon Country, Westlake Village, or here in La Crescenta, pool leak detection is performed with these methods every day - and when done patiently, it is rewarding to locate the breached culprit. Once found, a repair estimate is presented, signed, and commenced. A good repair is just as important as finding the leak - hiring a pro accomplishes this and will get your pool back to health. We at Spectrum take pride in our work, and look forward to helping your system today.

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