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La Canada Pool Heater Repair

La Canada Pool Heater Repair Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. Twenty five years of service in the Los Angeles area, providing expert pool & spa equipment repair and installation daily.

La Canada Pool Heater Repair News and articles about La Crescenta Pool Light Repair.

Professional repair and service for your heating system is what we do best. We are prudent in our diagnosis and thorough. Set up an appointment with us today and we'll get your water back to warm right away!
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La Canada Pool Heater Repair Tips

All swimming pool and spa heaters operate according to a sequence of events, each of which have to be performed before it will fire up. Initially, the pool circulation system must be in the on mode, as there is an internal Pressure Switch that detects sufficient flow to ignite. Also, there must be a 'call for heat'. This means that the 'on' switch is enabled as well as the Thermostat set higher than the current water temperature. You can check with these settings either on the heating unit itself or at your remote control panel or hand-held if you have one. Most remotes have already preprogrammed temp settings at setup, so if you want to use a spa, you simple select 'spa mode' - the valves turn and the heater switches to that thermostat. Whether you reside in Sherman Oaks, Montrose, or La Canada, pool heater repair issues all are diagnosed with this sequence in mind. Once it is determined that the initiating aspect is successful, then we go into the heater itself to troubleshoot. Here also is a sequence - following each safety and control switch until, 'viola', we find the failure. For all your repair needs, you can always rely on Spectrum to be available for solutions.

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