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Hidden Hills Pool Maintenance

Hidden Hills Pool Maintenance Solutions from Spectrum Pool Care. Featuring quality swimming pool cleaning and repair services to clients in the Los Angeles area since 1985.

Hidden Hills Pool Maintenance News and articles about La Crescenta Pool Pump Repair.

Hire a professional team of attentive service techs, capable repairmen, and a caring administrative staff to maintain your pool or spa. Upon your call we will set up an appointment and get your water back to clarity today!

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Hidden Hills Pool Maintenance Tips

When adding chemicals to a pool or spa, care must be taken or unexpected damages can occur. Muriatic acid is very caustic when landing on the surrounding cement deck, so be sure to pour carefully away from the edge without splashing. Always dip the bottom of the bottle into the water before setting it down, as ring-stains can be avoided this way. Pour away from the skimmer as well to prevent stripping copper off the suction plumbing. Always adjust Alkalinity first, then pH, then sanitizer. The Alkalinity will provide the right buffer for the acid, and the acid will create the best environment for chlorine to work effectively. Whether you live in Tarzana, Calabasas, or Hidden Hills, pool maintenance requires attention to water chemistry as it does with cleaning. If you maintain your own pool, then be sure to get the support of the local supplier where you purchase your equipment and chems - they will educate you more as there is much to learn. Or, hire a pro like Spectrum to come each week and provide the proper balance of chemicals, as well as clean, brush and vacuum for a sparkling result - we're here to assist you.

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