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Granada Hills Pool Leak Detection

Granada Hills Pool Leak Detection Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. Featuring CPO Certified repair specialists ready to resolve your current water loss issue.

Granada Hills Pool Leak Detection News and articles about Tarzana Pool Filter Repair.

Hiring a Spectrum service tech to find and repair your leak is easy. Our skills have been earned with many hours of real-world experience, utilizing proper tools and talent. So schedule an appointment today - and we'll be at your pool ready to work.  
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Granada Hills Pool Leak Detection Tips

When thinking about hiring a professional, first ask yourself if you are adding water more frequenly - about every two to three days. Typical Summer loss due to evaporation is about an inch and a half a week. To be sure, try the "bucket test" - simply get a 5 gallon bucket and put it on the deck; add water and mark the level inside the bucket. Mark also the water level at the tile, and turn off the circulation system. Check in a day or two and compare. Did the the pool water drop at a faster rate than the bucket. If so, then somewhere in the pool shell there is a breach. If not, then repeat again with the pump on for 48 hours. If the pool water now drops faster than the pail, this means there is a breach somewhere in the plumbing. Whether you live in Porter Ranch or Granada Hills, pool leak detection may be needed for you. Spectrum techs are prompt and tooled-up to provide this service within 1-3 days of a phone call to our office. We utilize methods like flourescent dye to apply to cracks, lights, and fittings. Or, put the plumbing lines under pressure and listen in with a sonic listening device. Our goal is acheived when we confirm where there is an opening - and then we recommend a repair that will solve the problem. We look forward to visiting your property soon!

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