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Calabasas Pool Leak Detection

Calabasas Pool Leak Detection Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. With years of field experience in the San Fernando Valley, you can trust the team at Spectrum to be friendly and reliable.

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Adding inordinate amounts of water every few days? If so, you may have developed a leak. Our specialists apply patience and the proper diagnostic tools that guide us to the source of the problem. Schedule an appointment or simply phone us with your questions, and we'll get you pool back in order right away!

Pool Leak Calabasas CA

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Calabasas Pool Leak Detection Tips

During the Summer heat, water loss due to evaporation results in about 1 1/2" drop per week. If you are adding water every 2-3 days, there probably exists a leak in your pool. Before calling out a specialist, inspect the obvious. Visit the pool circulation equipment and see if the area is dry. An apparent small leak can prove to be the source of much water loss when the system is running 8 hours a day - coupled with evaporation. Check also for obvious cracks in the pool surface and tile. Don't forget to look inside the skimmer as many times a separation develops here. Lastly note if there are air bubbles returning to the pool, which indicate that there is a breach in the suction side of the system. Here in Calabasas pool leak detection is accomplished by Spectrum's attentive repair techs. We are careful to approach every job methodically so as not to be guessing. A process of elimination leads us in the right direction. Upon finding, we propose a repair and discuss any issues that seem important to prevent further occurances if possible. To set up an appointment or discuss fees, we stand by for your call.

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