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Brentwood Pool Maintenance

Brentwood Pool Maintenance Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. Featuring trusted swimming pool care and cleaning services. For more than twenty years, we've serviced the Los Angeles area CA.

Brentwood Pool Maintenance News and articles about Bel Air Pool Cleaning.

Welcome! If you’re looking for friendly pool or spa service with a talented staff, you’ve come to the right place.  With over 25 years experience we can get the job done right for you today. 

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Brentwood Pool Maintenance Tips

Attending to swimming pool or spa water requires putting on your technical cap and becoming an amateur chemist. Always rely on standardized parameters and test kits which enable you the poolowner to contain the highs and lows of poolwater pH. You can utilize teststrips which have a color pad that you dip into your sample and read the outcome, or you can use titration which come in small bottles and drop into the vial of pool water. For more exact readings, try a digital meter as its probe will produce the ppm reading easily in the LED. Here in Brentwood, pool maintenance is required as in any other locale, and testing the water's pH level is just as important. Essentially the goal is to achieve a near neutral water envirornment because that is what is most comfortable for swimmers and allow the chemical sanitizers to work at its peak power when oxidizing pesky organisms and algae spores. Service professionals know the importance of this and have at hand a gallon of muriatic acid to bring the pool back into range. A safe pH target is 7.4 parts per million, providing a non-corrosive and human-friendly experience. In case it gets too acidic, utilize a base product like sodium carbonate - otherwise known as Soda Ash - to restore balance. Finally, always make small changes to pool chemistry, and retest.

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