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Bel Air Pool Service Solutions from spectrumpoolcare.com. Spectrum delivers weekly and professional swimming pool care and maintenance that is professional and consistent.

Bel Air Pool Service News and articles about Beverly Hills Pool Maintenance.

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Bel Air Pool Service Tips

Ever wonder why that white buildup accumulates on your pool or spa tile? In our industry we refer to this as scale which usually results from of a high level of calcium in the water. Normal levels should be approximately between 200 to 500ppm. When too low or too high for an extended period of time there will start to be noticeable effects. If too low, the water will become aggressive as it seeks to find it's own equilibrium, pulling from the plaster surface the calcium it seeks, and thus it becoming corrosive. If the levels become too high, then the minerals may not be able to stay in the water and can precipitate out - depositing itself on the surfaces of the structure or tile, and becoming rough. Water chemistry is a delicate balancing act that a poolowner must succeed in through regular testing. Whether you live by the beach or in beautiful Bel Air, pool service requires a disciplined routine of chemical balance to maintain an environment that is comfortable and safe for swimmers, as well as a protection against scaling or etching the surfaces. An additional side effect of high saturation levels will be the production of algae that is seemingly harder to manage. This is because chlorine will now become obstructed with such hard water, and so it takes much more expense to maintain an algae-free pool. When algae becomes tenacious and cannot be controlled with normal doses of sanitizer, it's a good clue to recheck your dissolved solids in the water to see if all the levels are within the parameters stated in your test kit. Let us know how we can help you do just that, or consider turning your pool over to us!


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